We Had So Much Fun at Our Reception

My husband and I both grew up in a wealthy family. Our siblings went the traditional route of having the big fancy weddings that are very elegant, glamorous and boring. Neither my husband or me are really impressed by that. We are just casual people who like to have fun. So, when we got married, we decided to do things in a much more casual way, including renting a party bus in Ottawa for the festivities after the wedding ceremony.

We decided to get married next to a lake. My sister spent a lot of money to get married in a really fancy hotel. It cost her and her husband thousands of dollars. Continue reading →

A weekend for food lovers in Amsterdam

gzb ngdzThe city has worked hard in recent years to shake off its potatoes and pancakes reputation, and to unleash its inner chowhound. Cue the Michelin-starred Dutch tapas, Bloody Mary brunches and organic microbrews, all served with a dose of Amsterdam ingenuity and conviviality. Loosen the belt for an indulgent 48 hours in the Netherlands’ capital.



Brunch is quite the thing ‘to do’, and the trendy neighbourhood of De Pijp is the place to do it. Take your pick: try vivacious Bakers & Roasters for banana nutbread French toast and spicy Bloody Marys; cool, blond-wood Scandinavian Embassy for salmon on Danish rye bread and excellent cold-brewed coffee; or art deco CT Coffee & Coconuts for buckwheat porridge and juices such as the Sweetie (a sweet potato, apple, pear and ginger combo).


Stroll over to gaze and graze at the Albert Cupymarkt, also in De Pijp. Vendors from Indonesia, Suriname, Morocco and other countries hawk electronics, clothing and spices in the half-mile-long street bazaar, but you’re here for the Dutch snack

Skiing in Italy find your perfect resort

vcnhfzmItaly’s northern borders are delineated by an arc of majestic mountain peaks, including some of the tallest peaks in the Alps in the west and the spectacularly beautiful Dolomites in the east.

Winter here often means sun as well as snow, and ski resorts are less about athletic prowess, and more about getting reacquainted with nature, working up your appetite and enjoying mountain life.

Though Italian resorts can no longer be called a bargain, they still offer better value than elsewhere in the Alps. Whatever your budget you can count on outstanding food and wine, inspired by some fascinating cultural mixes: Aosta’s French-tinged traditions, the Tyrolean touch in Südtirol-Alto Adige and Slavic accents in Friuli. Children are welcome in even the chicest resort restaurants and kids’ activities and playgrounds are plentiful. For experienced powder hounds, Italy offers great heli-skiing and some excellent off-piste terrain.

Best off-piste: Courmayeur

The super-hardcore head to Alagna in Piedmont’s Monterosa ski area for off-piste action, but Aosta’s Courmayeur not only offers large patches of off-piste paradise but also challenging, if limited, piste skiing and one of the region’s most charming villages, full of slate-roofed houses,

Choosing the Right Travel Luggage

gjnhgkmysYou’re standing in the airport terminal, watching a line of luggage move toward you on the conveyer belt. You eye each bag carefully, searching for your own and dreading two distinct and disappointing outcomes: your bag could either appear dented and mauled with your underwear hanging out of a gaping tear, or, like a blind date gone horribly wrong, it could simply fail to show.

Choosing the right luggage can help prevent these minor tragedies, in addition to other inconveniences like peskybaggage fees for an oversized piece or the embarrassment of trying to squeeze your massive nylon duffel into the overhead compartment as impatient passengers struggle to get by. Pick the right carry-on and experience the freedom of traveling without checked bags — you won’t have to worry about lost luggage or extra fees if you can pack what you need in a good-sized carry-on. If you do check a bag, you’ll feel confident that it will remain intact if you select a sturdy, reliable brand.

Q. What are my options?
A. Most bags, from backpacks to larger luggage pieces, can be

Overview of holidays and travel in the Baltic area, including the cruises and other highlights.

The Baltic area, also known as the Baltic States, encompasses three European countries: Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania. Each country offers visitors a rich history and diverse culture, as well as a wonderful location in which to enjoy an alternative holiday. Traveling in the Baltic area is relatively straightforward, and there are a number of highlights for you to consider as you explore this wonderful area.

Holidaying in the Baltic area gives you the option of visiting one country exclusively, or alternatively traveling between the three. One popular option is to cruise between countries, as this provides a combination of luxurious boat travel and an opportunity to sight see in all three countries. Most cruises set sail in Southampton (England), and then subsequently dock at the capital of each Baltic member, including Tallinn and Riga. It’s worth considering that certain cruises opt for the ‘Baltic sea’ route, which also stops in Sweden, Copenhagen and Russia.

Baltic holidays are an excellent choice of trip for those that enjoy experiencing diversity in one single trip. For example, visitors can observe a lot of variety in architecture between capital cities. Vilnius is renowned for being rich in Baroque

Limo rentals to avail.

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Shoreline Babes in The Bahamas

Yes, other individuals swim with dolphins, stroll with gorillas and hang out with chimps. In any case, here in the exceptional Exumas, the pigs are the fundamental fascination. These fortunate porkers have their own one of a kind island. It is called Big Major Cay and they spend their days establishing around Pig Beach. Once upon a time of the principal pilgrims, a business visionary from close-by Staniel Cay found that the disagreeable smell from his pig stock was bringing about an issue in this small island villa. He hit upon the guile arrangement of moving them to their own particular left yet close-by island. There were 365 island Cays all things considered. So these upbeat swines were moved to their own particular neighboring island where they could be “gathered” as the need emerged for a dish and some streaky bacon. The pigs learnt that while seeing an approaching watercraft may mean the loss of family, it likewise implied the landing of sustenance. Following a couple of decades, the pigs were pronounced ensured and pig cultivating stopped on the island. The relatives of these unique pigs remain today giving a novel vacation destination. These savvy little angels have assembled that

Want to Visit Malang? Prepare Your Trip Well!

Malang is another best city in East Java that you need to visit. There are many kinds of interesting destinations that you can visit in Malang. Malang offers such as historical tourist destination like there are some museums that you can visit. Then, you can also visit the natural tourist destination in Batu Malang. In short, Malang is such a good destination that you can visit and you can enjoy for the nice tourist location there. The good and the great location of East Java beauty can be founded in Malang. Once you visit this place, you will feel the happiness so much.

Once you decide to have the traveling time here, it means that you need to prepare for all of the aspects. Have you prepared for the transportation for visiting this city? You can find out the best deal for the transportation. You can try to choose for getting the best price for the flight for example since you can get the best price for the flights for example. Then, you also need to prepare for the best deal for the hotel. Have you chosen or booked one of the best hotel? Which one of the hotel that you

The Key Elements of Great Cruises

What You Need to Know about Cruise Specials

There are families who have a hard time choosing what place to vacation in so that is why it would be more ideal for these people to choose cruise specials provided by travel companies. There are times when you simply need to have a vacation with your family and this would be the perfect way for you to do so. There are travel companies that can offer you this opportunity so there is basically nothing to worry about in the least.

A cruise is an amazing special offer that you should not let pass you by. If you are not happy with a particular deal then don’t choose because you have enough options to go around without having to worry about anything else. There are a lot of amazing websites out there that would provide you with everything you could ever need and more. You need to be a member of these companies in order to avail of their options so make sure you do so as soon as possible. You would be able to plan your vacation better when you follow the crucial steps that are involved. Make sure to do